Welcome To Instagram!

Firstly, if you’re new to Instagram, welcome!

It’s a social media platform where you can share the beauty of everyday moments with your friends and family. Explore your interests, create videos and photos to share with your friends, and stay up to date with Black Pepper!

To sign up:

From a Browser:

Go to instagram.com. Click Sign up, enter your email address, create a username and password or click Log in with Facebook to sign up with your Facebook account. If you register with an email, click Sign up. If you sign up with email, make sure you enter your email address correctly and choose an email address that only you can access. If you log out and forget your password, you'll need to be able to access your email to get back into your Instagram account.


From the App Store:

Download the Instagram app from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android).

Once the app is installed, tap it to open it.

Tap Sign Up With Email or Phone Number (Android) or Create New Account (iPhone), then enter your email address or phone number (which will require a confirmation code) and tap Next. You can also tap Log in with Facebook to sign up with your Facebook account.

If you register with your email or phone number, create a username and password, fill out your profile info and then tap Next. If you register with Facebook, you'll be prompted to log into your Facebook account if you're currently logged out.


Now it’s time to explore!

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Upload, Edit, and Post an Image

Now, for the most important part of Instagram -- how to upload and post an image.

Instagram is an entirely visual platform. Unlike Facebook, which relies on both text and pictures, or Twitter, which relies on text alone, Instagram's sole purpose is to enable users to share images or videos with their audience.

On Facebook, you might choose to post 100 photos in an album. On Instagram, you need to be choosier about which photos you post.


Click the “+” icon in the bottom centre of your screen.

Here, you have three options. You can look through your Photos library on your phone, you can take a new picture from right within Instagram, or you can take a new video.

Next, click "Edit". Here, you can adjust contrast, brightness, structure, warmth, and more. When you're happy with your edited image, or if you don't want to edit it at all, click "Next" in the top right.

Now, you can add a caption, tag people (you can only tag someone if they also have an Instagram account), and add a location. Additionally, click the button beside Facebook or another linked social media account to share your image on that platform, as well. When you're ready to publish, click "Share" in the top right.

How to like, share, view stories, comment?

It can be overwhelming! But there is so much content to explore! On your newsfeed, scroll through pages you follow to see what they’re posting.

At the top of the newsfeed, you will see ‘stories’ – this is where you can view extra video & photo content that we all share.


Still unsure?

Call our customer service team who can run you through how to use Instagram!

Call: 1800 001 399 (AU) / 0800 808 153 (NZ)

Or email us: info@blackpepper.com.au