The Art Of Doing Less

Need to slow down and recharge? Let us help you Master The Art Of Doing Less.

As the weather gets colder it is normal to see life slowing down a bit and get
quieter. This doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Having time to slow down, enjoy the
little things and reflect on what is most important to us. We all love to be busy, and
dedicate our time and efforts to other people, but what about ourselves? Maybe it’s
the perfect time to be looking after your health and wellbeing.

Our consumption and desires to “live the good life”, and busyness is certainly worn
as a badge of honour in Australian culture. The problem with that is, it makes it
harder to draw the line on how much is enough?

Professor Lyndall Strazdins from Australian National University has recently
published her works on being “Too Busy”, and why we are so and the impact it’s
having on our health. Strazdin says her perspective on what it means to be busy
has changed during the pandemic. “I’m less concerned about previous ambitions
tied to success that would often come in the form of pressure to be busy and
striving and now more concerned with finding enjoyment in the everyday.”

This is not meant to be us shaming the bust, but more of an awareness of the
effects it can have on us long term. Now more than ever, it’s time to take the time
and discover what’s most important. Eliminate the guilt. Strazdin says guilt spoils
the richness of doing nothing more than feeling guilty about it. “Flip the idea that
doing nothing is ‘lazy’ and instead remind yourself it’s enriching, and how important
it is to restore our inner lives.” See the things you haven’t done as possibilities
instead of failure. “Many of the things on our To Do lists aren’t going anywhere, and
we don’t have to associate not completing something with failure.”




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