How To Take Your Best Photograph

It's all about location and light

Before we even start to take the photo, we suggest finding a beautiful backdrop.
We love shots outside, where the back drop is basic and has lots of natural light. The
plainer the background the better! No one likes a cluttered photo. The photographer
should position themselves not too far away, but not somewhere they have to zoom in
quite a bit. See below some of our recommendations:

Be your natural self

Don’t over think it! The best looking photographs are the one where you’re looking
natural. Feel free to smile, laugh, and giggle your way through the shots. If you look
through some of our examples below, the shots in-which these women’s posing is more
forced makes it seem un-natural. Try taking some shots of you walking or doing fluid
motions. This shows the clothes in a beautiful way with natural flow. Give it a go!

Take lots of shots & delete later

The more you have to look over later the better. There may have been a mishap with
your hair, some bad lighting or potentially you were blinking! This might give you some
funny snaps to look over later! Life isn’t picture perfect; your shots shouldn’t have
to be either.