How To Spend The Summer Holidays


Slip, slop, slap and set up a beach chair! Research your local beach and organise a picnic of sandwiches or potato chips, with a bit of fruit for dessert. Building sandcastles together, watching the seagulls and recalling stories of visiting the seaside when you were their age will make for the perfect day in the sun.


The perfect activity to provide a bit of peace and quiet within the summer season. Organise a book club with your little ones, in which they set themselves a challenge of how many books they can read over the period. They may even choose to read a longer book each time! Organise a moment in which you are both reading at the same time (you with your own choice, of course!) and afterwards, let them detail all the exciting things they are reading about.


Take the little ones out in to the garden and teach them all about the plants you look after. Potting new flowers is also a fun activity that can include a quick trip to the nursery; they’ll love tending to something that’s their very own. If there’s something you need to complete in the garden, ask them to come with you and stare at the clouds, naming what they see. That way you can get your work done with some lovely company!


A special trip down to your local café or Ice-Cream shop will always make for a special memory. Showing off your little ones is an added bonus, and such trips can be important for teaching children to use their manners and think about safety in public. A slice of cake, a scoop of ice-cream and lively conversation sounds like the perfect Sunday to us!